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About you are a good mom.


Married mother of an almost 3 and 6 year old.  I work in public policy.  I love people and am interested in their stories.  Christian / spiritual.  Nature / sunshine lover.  A recovering judger.  Always on the look out for joy, courage, honesty, empathy, and things that are true.  Believer that two opposite ideas can both be true.  I write for fun.

My personal rules of writing:


  •  I write from my perspective: how I reconcile the world and my own thoughts, stories and feelings.  


  • If I am sharing a “learning or area for growth”, I’m committed to sharing only things I NEEDED TO LEARN vs. sharing experiences where others needed to grow. 


  • Be honest, kind, and brave when I write.  Be vulnerable:  allow myself to be seen and known.


  • Once I put it out there, I release it.  How others react / respond / feel about my writing is not my responsibility.


  • Pure intentions.  Ensure I’ve fully processed events before writing about them.  


  • Ultimately my goal is to understand myself better, and hopefully in the process others will understand themselves better also.

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